Nurse Stucco, Inc. has been serving the stucco and re-stucco needs of the San Diego residential community from the first day we opened our doors for business. We are experts in all phases of residential stucco & re-stucco construction with over 35 years experience. We pride ourselves in taking the time to provide you with all the information needed in order to make the best decisions about stuccoing your home. It is important to us here at Nurse Stucco, Inc. to provide 100% satisfaction for our customers. We have a tested and proven track record of sustained superior performance, and Nurse Stucco is consistently rated A+ by the BBB. If you’re considering stuccoing or re-stuccoing the exterior of your home, please do not hestitate to contact us at (619) 561-7429 with your questions, and be sure to ask us for a free and no obligation quote for your stucco project. We believe you’ll choose Nurse Stucco for all of your residential stucco needs.

Below are some examples of residential properties that we have served:

Residential Stucco, Lath & Plaster Services we provide:

Re-coat & Re-Stucco Room Additions Custom Homes Commercial Stucco Residential Stucco Historical Home Repairs Synthetic Stucco Finishes Complete Lath & Plaster New Home Construction Commercial Stucco & Plaster Repair Remove and replace stucco Stucco Trash Enclosures Stucco Repair on electrical panel replacements Monokote Beams
Residential Stucco & Plaster Repair Block or Frame Wall Plaster Fog Coating Exterior Rejuvenation & Repairs Interior Textures and Ceiling Removal Water and Sand Blasting Scaffolding Stucco Stain Removal Architectural Foam & Window Trims Stucco Home Makeovers and Remodeling Fire & Water Stucco Damage Repair Lath & Plaster Additions Monokote Fireproofing

Custom Home New Stucco

Nurse Stucco, Inc. has been serving San Diego custom home builders with quality new stucco installation and custom stucco remodeling since we first began, and are custom homes specialists. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and the reliability that we provide. More information on stucco homes.

Residential Re-Stucco

Homeowners and San Diego home remodeling and home improvement contractors have been choosing Nurse Stucco to meet their stucco and re-stucco needs since day one, and Nurse Stucco are San Diego residential re-stucco specialists. If you’re considering a residential re-stucco (with or without stucco color or stucco texture changes), and the differences between natural stucco and synthetic stucco and the benefits of each, and would like more information about your options, be sure to call the re-stucco experts at Nurse Stucco.

Residential Stucco Repair

Residential stucco repair and stucco patching are part science and part art…and both art and science are practiced daily by the highly skilled craftsmen at Nurse Stucco. In addition to the technical aspects of mixing the stucco components correctly, and applying the stucco to the area to be repaired or patched, the artistry comes into play with matching the exact texture to the surrounding areas, and blending the colors to render the repair invisible. Let the experts at Nurse Stucco provide their skill and experience to provide you with the perfect stucco repairs.

Please call us about your residential stucco needs and be sure to ask us for a free estimate. We believe you’ll choose Nurse Stucco for all of your residential stucco projects! Call us at (619) 561-7429.