Plaster walls and ceilings require the expert touch when in need of repairs, and the professionals at Nurse Stucco are here to serve you. Nurse Stucco has been providing full-service home plaster and stucco repair and improvement in San Diego since the 1980’s. Unlike other home stucco companies, Nurse Stucco does not act as a plaster contractor managing subcontractors. We have experienced, professional craftsmen who handle every aspect of your home stucco or re-stucco project. So, from start to finish our team is involved, invested, and in control of your project.

As San Diego Stucco and Plaster contractors we work with a variety of clients with all different stucco, lath, and plaster project types. Although our projects have ranged in size, our niche is to improve the appearance of your property while adding real value. Contact us for more info or give us a call at (619) 561-7429 to discuss your home plaster repair or new stucco or plaster construction needs.