There is almost no limit to textures, patterns and special finishes that can be created in stucco. We’ve included the most popular ones to assist with your selection We can furnish texture samples for a more accurate representation of finishes as they appear on your project.

Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live.  When we look at art, fashion, automobiles, and interior décor we immediately experience an emotion from the colors projected.  The color that is used on the exteriors of homes and buildings has the same effect – selecting the right stucco color accentuates building design and complements the other elements such as brick, stone veneers, siding, and trim.  From natural countryside to cityscapes, colored stucco brings out the best in architectural beauty and meets the specialized demands of new construction or historic renovation.  With so many colors and textures to choose from, Nurse Stucco is the best choice.

As an exterior, stucco may not be known for bright color or bold dimensional architecture. But it should. At Nurse Stucco, we believe Stucco and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) offer greater design flexibility than any other cladding. Consider modern buildings with glossy metallic finishes that resemble metal panels. Or classical architecture with walls, and columns and details that appear to be cut from natural stone. Or simulated brick, virtually indistinguishable from traditional masonry. All prime examples of today’s exciting and innovative stucco products in action. With innovative products and the appropriate application technique provided by the skilled craftsmen at Nurse Stucco, it’s all possible!

Classic Stucco Products (Exterior Stucco)

Classic Colors – A textured finish that’s rich and natural with a superior quality. Our comprehensive collection of colors offers the most beautiful choices for every stucco application. With a range of colors from which to choose, unlimited custom colors and expert color matching, your options are wide open; your selection limited only by your imagination.

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