About Blaine Nurse

Grew up in San Diego East County, Granite Hills HS grad. Started my career in stucco, with my brother Darren, working for our Dad, Jerry Nurse, while still in school. Continued after HS, and my brother and I "officially" joined our Dad, when he opened Jerry L Nurse Plastering in 1981. In 1992 we formed Jerry L. Nurse and Sons Plastering, After the death of our father, Darren and I formed Nurse Stucco Inc. in 2000, and we're still going strong - 40+ years later. Currently President of Nurse Stucco, Inc.

Stucco Home Siding: Fundamentals

Home outsides are made up of numerous layers that operate in combination with each other. The most noticeable layer and the one crucial to your home's life-span is the outer layer: the siding or cladding. The most popular kinds of home siding are fiber-cement panels, vinyl siding, and plywood. There is another kind of [...]


How to pick the right stucco contractor

How to pick the right stucco contractor You want to make sure the stucco contractor is licensed and insured. Check out their portfolio of previous work, and read the HomeAdvisor, Yelp Google reviews! Picking the right stucco contractor for your job is mostly common sense. When it comes to choosing a stucco contractor, [...]


Residential Plaster

Plaster walls and ceilings require the expert touch when in need of repairs, and the professionals at Nurse Stucco are here to serve you. Nurse Stucco has been providing full-service home plaster and stucco repair and improvement in San Diego since the 1980's. Unlike other home stucco companies, Nurse Stucco does not act as [...]

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